Stucco Lamundo is a genuine lime-based Venetian plaster formulated for easy application and exceptional durability. This interior wall coating system is a tint-able paste which allows the achievement of a highly polished marble-like finish. Lamundo is particularly elegant and is designed for precious wall spaces for villas, commercial spaces, theatres, offices and any environment where a high-end atmosphere is desired.

Lamundo can be used with gold foils, stencils, waxes, pearlescent effects and can have multiple colours on one wall. Lamundo is very versatile and can achieve many different effects. Stucco Lamundo can also be used for old world effects, utilising traditional Italian techniques to re-create the beauty of old world homes.

  • Zimmerman Indoorpilly Finishes: stucco three layers
  • Stokehouse Restaurant South Bank
  • Hilton Hotel in Queen Street CBD Stucco Carrera color 2 coats
  • Jimmy's on the Mall Stucco china white colour 2 coatss