Scagliola or Stucco-marble is a result of mixing a variation of gypsum called selenite, with hagiography’s colours and natural glues. This mixture is made in a specific way, depending on the desirable result, pattern or form. The product is then polished until it reaches the desirable level of smoothness and light reflection. It is a difficult and time consuming process which results in a perfect imitation of marble or any other stone preferred – or in an innovative suggestion of decoration like visible cement.

The range of Scagliola’s creations is very wide depending on the combination of natural pigments, components and technique, but each time the result is desirable. Due to the plasticity of the material and the wide range of colour options, Scagliola allows for infinite choices of creation and can be applied to sculptures, columns, bathrooms, tables, fireplaces, candelabras, vases, mirrors etc. This technique is also applied to specific building works: construction or re-construction of Scagliola works in cathedrals, historical buildings, residences or hotels.

There are several advantages of Scagliola comparing to marble or other natural stones. It is noticeably lighter weight, has smooth joins, is cost effective and the re-creation of rare marbles that are vanishing is possible.The choices of creations, apart from those presented in samples, can be modified or new ones can be created, depending on the needs and preferences of the customer.