Traditional yet contemporary

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Last week we visited one of our projects that had been handed over 2 weeks ago in Manly.

This beautiful post modern house, right on the ocean, is remarkable.

Eclectic, traditional, yet contemporary .

Idea Creations used different techniques such as a traditional Marmorino for the main walls.

The 3 bathrooms are made of Tadelakt and Lime render and the fireplace has a rough casting finish and lime wash.

All the kitchens, shelves and BBQ area have been sealed with a polyurethane varnish for strength and durability, not completely natural but almost.

Everyone was very excited by our work and the end result.

We are always committed to bringing perfection and the highest level of knowledge in our industry.

Another remarkable house project in Sydney is coming soon and we are very excited.



California Lime finishes

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Our  journey to Los Angeles started with visiting one of our main suppliers ” Meoded Paint and Plaster”.

We finally had the chance to meet the team and see their main showroom. We were amazed at some of their new techniques and products, soon to be available in Australia via our company.

During our meeting we shared our passion as natural artisans, discussing the most trending finishes in Australia and here in Los Angeles, ideas and techniques, and our different up coming projects.

We visited the Beverly Hills area of the rich and famous and looked at all the breathtaking homes and mansions, with every corner covered with beautiful Lime render and Stucco plaster, as they call it here in California.

Surrounded by amazing gardens and giant palms, we realise they love their natural finishes in America and it is very enlivening for our team to be here being inspired by the craftsmanship and lime finishes all around us.

As natural artisans, with our love and passion for lime, clay and all things natural, seeing some of the world’s most successful people and their taste in the highest quality of living, we could see that when it comes to choosing what finishes they use on their homes, the choices seem to always be based in natural finishes like lime and clay.

Soon we will share some photos of the Zimmerman boutique we are doing here on Melrose Place.








Scagliola Australia

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Somewhere in the region of Roma, Italy, Maurizio is researching the colour for the restoration of Scagliola for our next exciting project .
The Primus Hotel designed by Woods Bagot is one of the most important projects in Sydney CBD now and we have been chosen, in partnership with The Painted Image Pty Ltd, to complete the restoration and re-polishing of the traditional stucco Marmo which is also called Scagliola.

This ancient technique of replicating marble and other expensive stone to perfection is a long process and requires rare and extensive knowledge, only shared by a few artisans in the world.
This is venetian plaster at its best!

More coming soon!

Un petit avant gout!
starting project first of June 🙂

Lime Render could be the alternative for polished concrete

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I went back to take some photos of a previous job we had done at the beginning of February for Sarah Evans from Hassell Architects.

She wanted to achieved a concrete look but without too many imperfections and being practical and easy to maintain for a kitchen splash back.

We  used a two coats system lime render with different aggregates such as quartz silica and finest marble dust for the last coat. This is an old technique of application I learned back in France. The result is quite amazing.  If you are looking to replicate a concrete slab or a polished concrete wall, this is the finish you want.

For easy maintenance we seal the wall with one of our water based low-VOC Polyhurthane sealers.

Lime plaster and render are limitless in regard to creativity.

Stucco Lamundo at Knight Frank offices in Brisbane is a genius polished plaster

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For the last three weeks the team of Idea Creations has been working with Buildcorp to achieve Geyer Architects’ vision.

This high end office features all raw, natural products, from timber panels to concrete floor and green suspended garden contrasting with our white polished paster “Stucco Lamundo”.

The result looks fantastic and very defined. Once again the traditional techniques of lime plastering are proving their capability to compliment sharp contemporary design.

We are very devoted to always providing the highest and most exclusive finishes to our clients.

Good work team 🙂


Official Fact Sheets on Lime Renders From Australian TAFE

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Lime Strengths

So I have recently found a study that was done by a solid plaster teacher at TAFE on lime renders, describing all of its history in Australia, as well as the benefits the product has. The history, especially in the Sydney region, really provides solid evidence of how long these products have been around and how long they will last! There is also another document from an American company for you to view as well, stating many of the same facts.


The American company who wrote the second document is

The company who commissioned the other study is


There are straw bale homes being built all over Australia now, and they render the entire interior and exterior and bathrooms in Lime. It is a proven building material, and their documentation written by a TAFE professor helped them to prove that it is in fact the best out there. Make sure you read this, and see why lime beats all the rest!

Iggy’s tadelakt bathroom

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Another Tadelakt project, this one is in Bronte for Igor and Ludmilla from the well known and very popular Iggy’s Bread in Bronte.
Prior to starting the walls of the new Bakery, we are doing the bathroom in Tadelakt.
Great design from Nici Long and please keep posted to see the finished photos very soon.




Jimmy’s on the Mall stucco polished plaster

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We have been given a start on this upcoming great project designed by BVN & Donovan Hill.
The new Jimmy’s  on the Mall venue is right in the heart of Queen Street and will have luxurious seamless stucco Lamundo, our polished plaster on columns, walls and soffits.
So please keep following the upcoming photos of this great project!