Sample making

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Sample making for our clients’ designs plays a major role in meeting the needs for the desired look of a project. From coordinating and matching colours, to achieving a particular kind of finish in texture look and touch.

Although samples are the first step in providing an example of the look for the end result, they can never be a real testimony to the full finish in its lustre, beauty and feel. Just like every wall, every sample is unique and hand crafted to suit the needs of any client.

We produce samples for all our Venetian Plaster designed finishes, also known as polished plaster, Marmorino, stucco and Lime renders, so if you have a particular finish in mind please let our team design the look you need for your project today.

Official Fact Sheets on Lime Renders From Australian TAFE

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Lime Strengths

So I have recently found a study that was done by a solid plaster teacher at TAFE on lime renders, describing all of its history in Australia, as well as the benefits the product has. The history, especially in the Sydney region, really provides solid evidence of how long these products have been around and how long they will last! There is also another document from an American company for you to view as well, stating many of the same facts.


The American company who wrote the second document is

The company who commissioned the other study is


There are straw bale homes being built all over Australia now, and they render the entire interior and exterior and bathrooms in Lime. It is a proven building material, and their documentation written by a TAFE professor helped them to prove that it is in fact the best out there. Make sure you read this, and see why lime beats all the rest!